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Ileana Cari
Ileana Cari
Translator and Interpreter

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"Do what you love, love what you do"

This is the common thread through my first steps in linguistic education, which has continued ever since my degree in Foreign European Languages in Parma, through more specific and focused courses for translators and interpreters in Italy and abroad, and still goes on today with seminars and meetings for my continuing professional development (CPD).

Since 2006, I have been listed as a Sworn Translator and Interpreter by the Court of Piacenza. This title is valid throughout Italy and allows me to swear every type of document. Companies with contacts abroad can benefit greatly from working with a partner who is able to give a legal value to these foreign documents. For many years, I have been a member of ANITI (Italian Association of Translators and Interpreters, www.aniti.it), DVÜD (German Association of Translators and Interpreters, www.dvud.de) and SFT (Société Française des Traducteurs, www.sft.fr), associations that have certified my specialist languages.

My Background

After gaining initial job experience as an Export Manager at DaimlerChrysler, in 2006 I became a full-time professional translator and interpreter. Throughout the last 15+ years, I have always done my best to improve and extend the services I offer to companies, including specialised technical translations (catalogues, websites, marketing materials, corporate communication, etc.), consecutive interpreting (exhibitions, business meetings and events) and business consultancy, so that the client can always count on getting a complete, high-quality package. For larger projects, I can call on my network of qualified colleagues and can manage both the project and the team, from order confirmation right through to final delivery.

Translation is a highly specialised skill. Like all skills, it is honed over time, but needs raw talent at its foundations. This means, before all else, superior writing skills in one’s native language. It means being able to glean the feeling and intent behind words beyond just their “meaning”. A second important skill is in-depth research to find the best solution: using the correct language is crucial, not only in the many different texts and business emails that need translating, but also in various situations, such as meetings, exhibitions and events. Last but not least, communication must always be smooth and accurate, served with a good dose of cultural mediation, as tone can be everything in sensitive negotiations with multinational partners. My analysis and convincing skills have often been appreciated on such occasions.

For each job, you can expectpunctuality, attention to detail and exceptional collaboration to fully meet your requirements. And high quality, with the goal of perfection, goes without saying. Since I have always been a person who enjoys a challenge, I am used to being a fast learner and can acclimatise and fit in very quickly to various working environments, such as exhibitions. I am sure you will find me to be a great addition to your team, thanks to the values I live by: reliability and responsibility. And my open-minded and extrovert character will contribute greatly to your team’s productivity and ensure a friendly working environment.

Specialist Languages

Italian (mothertongue)